Trachelospermum jasminoides Confederate Jasmine "Green" Groundcover Climbing

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Confederate jasmine is a larger climbing cousin of the the minima jasmine. It is much bolder and will readily climb fences and walls. More and more it is being used  as a ground cover in areas where a taller presentation and vigorous growth is desired. Maintenance will be required to use as a ground cover as it will climb through and on fences.  It will also climb trees if you let it.  If using in a ground cover application, you'll want to keep it trimmed to your liking. A good height is around 2 feet.  It blooms once a year with a heavenly scent. It is definitely not friendly to walk through so using in traffic areas is out of the question, unless kept trimmed back from walkways or stepping stones.  

When working with Confederate jasmine, it's recommended to wear gloves. It has a sticky milky white sap that you really don't want on you. 

2 inch Confederate jasmine plugs are a great way to get a large area covered fairly fast. Plant in rich soil no more that 12 inches a part, fertilize, and keep watered until established.  You will quickly be enjoying a robust ground cover!  

Confederate jasmine is offered here in 2 inch plugs 120 minimum order.  4 inch plugs are also available in the drop down, minimum order  36 (two trays of 18)    Confederate Jasmine is hardy to zone 7B.